Children love our Classes

That is because we conduct our classes with an atmosphere of mutual respect and a “do your best” attitude. We strive to build your child’s innate strengths and qualities from the inside out by reinforcing timeless values like patience, kindness and perseverance.

Children really enjoy learning at our school.

Our Mission

Our goal at NSKA is to make our students technically proficient, mentally focused and physically stronger while having a positive influence in their lives by patiently and enthusiastically sharing our passion for the martial arts.

A Positive Team Environment

All classes are taught by adult, certified instructors who have children of their own and understand the importance of leading by example and the value of everyone getting the opportunity to fully participate in all the aspects of class. There are no students viewing from the sidelines.

It is our wish to help instill your child with the confidence and self esteem needed to make good choices and meet challenges head on.


Suella and Raymond

The self discipline and respect that he is taught each lesson is outstanding and delivered in such a fun way.
Many thanks

- Suella and Raymond

Henrik and Susan

Learning Karate has become one of our favorite things!

- Henrik and Susan

Mike Cronin

Your dedication and consistency are to be commended.
I personally learn something every time I observe class.

- Mike Cronin