Karate Kids 7-12


The karate kids program at North Shore Karate Academy utilizes a detailed, age-appropriate curriculum that has been refined over the past twenty years. It is designed to help shape your child into a LEADER and accentuate the traits that bring out the best in their own personality.

Using time-tested teaching methods sprinkled with the right dose of fun, our program provides an avenue for your child to reach their TRUE POTENTIAL and helps them build valued LIFE SKILLS and PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES needed for them to confidently overcome obstacles.

Children learn how to take PRIDE in developing themselves from the inside out. Classes at North Shore Karate Academy are regularly the best part of our students’ day. Martial arts training CAN and WILL provide them with the advantage of creating a foundation for a HEALTHLY LIFESTYLE and give them skill set necessary to be SUCCESSFUL in all areas of their lives.

Children enrolled in our program experience and contribute to:

  • A safe, structured, fun and positive learning environment
  • A nationally awarded character development program
  • An introduction to Okinawan/Japanese culture
  • Self Defense and Conflict resolution


Lisa Laverty

The classes were so inspiring I had to try it myself and am so glad I did. It’s been a great experience to take the family class together, and it’s an amazing workout.

-Lisa Laverty


Since joining North Shore Karate Academy we have noticed a huge improvement in our children’s level of focus at school, sports and at home.


Mrs. Keenan

Every kindergartener should train with Mr. Hart and Mr. Spoon.

- Mrs. Keenan

Keri Gavin

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for not only supporting the important values we share at home, but also for giving my son such a positive experience.

- Keri Gavin

Claudia Hawkes

Evan is certainly enjoying the workout and getting stronger!

- Claudia Hawkes